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Argopreneurs and the Argo Ventures Group

Argopreneurs is part of the Argo Ventures group, an ecosystem for entrepreneurs. The venture studio consists of Argopreneurs as an operational company builder and Argo Capital as an active investment firm. Within this ecosystem, we support extraordinary entrepreneurs and their innovative ideas aiming to disrupt industries and enhance human life.

Milestones of our journey

Argo Ventures was founded as a private investment company by serial investor Stefan Beiten in 1996. Ever since, the company continuously reinvented itself and evolved into an ecosystem for entrepreneurs.


Argo Ventures was founded by Stefan Beiten as a private investment company


Founding of the Greenlight Media GmbH, soon to be home to numerous high-quality film and television productions


Founding of Gate5, the first mobile mapping application which will turn into an unparalleled success


Greenlight Media is responsible for more than 50% of the German movie industry’s total volume 


Gate5 celebrates its exit to Nokia, marking the first big exit of the Berlin startup scene


Mantilope, an innovative consultancy firm, is founded by Sascha Grumbach and Stefan Soellner


Argo Ventures is restructured by Stefan Beiten in collaboration with Mantilope


Stefan Beiten, Sascha Grumbach and Stefan Soellner start Argopreneurs as operational unit of the Argo Ventures Group

Board of Advisors

Our board consists of experienced entrepreneurs, founders, investors, and trainers, providing their expert knowledge to support the operative management in all areas.

Our coaches & consultants

Our experts at Argopreneurs are innovators, change-agents, and psychologists – and, above all else, passionate entrepreneurs with a deep understanding of the challenges you face.

Nina Fischer Produktinnovation Coach

Nina Fischer

Design Thinking & Systemic Coaching
Benjamin Jadkowski ist Experte und Coach für Design Thinking

Benjamin Jadkowski

Agile Project Management
laura portrait

Laura Krentzlin

Design Thinking & Systemic Coaching
Göran Hielscher ist Experte und Coach für Design Thinking

Goeran Hielscher

Design Thinking & Communication

Paulina Henftling

Digital Transformation & Agile Organization

Steffen Bahnsen

Design Thinking & Strategy
Eliza Petcheniouk ist Expertin für Design Thinking

Eliza Petcheniouk

Design Thinking & Collaboration

Freya Busse

Marketing & Design

Boris Abazher

Software Development

Dr. Christoph Quarch

Leadership & Corporate Culture
ralph chromik

Ralph Chromik

ScaleUp & Organizational development

Nikolai Ladanyi

ScaleUp & Systemic Coaching

Simone Ashoff

Digital Transformation & Digital Communication

Inga von Goeler

Digital Transformation & Online Marketing