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Argo Brainworks - Transformationsberatung für die digitale Transformation aus Berlin
Transformational Consulting
Argo Labs - Company Bildung aus Berlin
Company Builder
Capital Solutions - Investmentmentgesellschaft aus Berlin
Investment Company

Post-ICO Consulting

Everybody talks about preparing an Initial Coin Offering – But what happens afterwards?

Post-ICO Consulting facilitates sustainable growth while promoting an increase of your token value. The program focuses on creating the 3 necessary scalable infrastructures: Culture, strategy and execution.

The venture studio in Berlin

Who we are

Argopreneurs is a venture studio in Berlin. We guide entrepreneurs through digital and cultural transformation, build sustainable digital business models and create innovative alternative investment solutions. With an excellent network of investors, strong partners and a great sense for disruption, we shape the entrepreneurial journey of highly talented people.

We are a diversified team with different backgrounds and various skill sets. However, additionally to everyone‘s individual strengths, all our Argopreneurs master our three particular core skills: Entrepreneurial Spirit & Behavior, Process Discipline & Best Practice Affinity and Creativity.

In order to quickly build start-ups and promisingly coach management teams as well as place the right investments, our Argopreneurs combine the best of two special characters – Argonauts and Entrepreneurs.


In Greek mythology, Greece‘s strongest and smartest heroes built a ship called Argo. The Argo was a shipbuilding marvel designed to help the Argonauts resist storm, dangers and constant change on their way to finally accomplishing the impossible:

Finding and retrieving the Golden Fleece.


Entrepreneurs are not only businessmen – they belong to a rare type of mankind, driven by a unique mentality and almost inexhaustible energy.

Self-confidently and independently, they take over the largest responsibility in their businesses and society to make the world a little bit better day after day.

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