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People are the most important asset. However, recruiting the best is as fierce as never before. How can you succeed in today’s war for talent? One thing is certain: By no means the way you used to 10 years ago. The Generation Y is much smaller and demanding than any before. Employers have to attract with flexible working time models, flat hierarchies and even a company-wide familial atmosphere. Not only employer branding is needed, but also it is vital to get the attention of digital natives. HR marketing channels have changed and more often than not, you only have seconds to stand out of the crowd in this fast-paced digital world.

We show you techniques on how to attract and recruit talents the right way. We attach upmost importance to an appropriate marketing approach and the use of the top grading method for interviews and applicant selection to find the most fitting talent for the job.

• Digital Workforce Analysis and Planning
• Development of HR Marketing Strategy
• Implementing of Top Grading Recruiting Method


A successful digital transformation requires leaders who do not get in their own and each other’s way. Our program is made for personalities willing to step up and model the way by proactively addressing any obstacles to high performance in yourself as well as your team. A great leader is serious about constantly raising the standards in order to inspire a high-performance team.

Aligning yourself and your team is the prerequisite of being capable of fulfilling your whole potential as a leader. Obviously leadership varies, especially across company sizes. Leaders are simultaneously strategic innovators, change catalysts, chiefs of culture, action plan designers, delegators and a lot more. Deciding what to focus on is challenging. We will enable you and your team to become the leaders your company is in desperate need of.

• Assessment of Leadership Potentials
• Development of individual Training Program
• Provide on-going Coaching, Mentoring and Feedback

Internal Communication
Internal Communication

In the digital world, in-efficient operations are being exposed faster than ever. Silo mentality and long communication paths are holding up businesses while lean competitors are gaining market share at speed. But how can you overcome this challenge? It is time to revamp your in-house communication, improve your meeting cycle and unite inter-divisional minds.

Do you know how to innovate your communication or break down silo mentality? Our coaches do. We bring mind sets together and demonstrate ways to encourage inter-disciplinary communication. Our proven methods will turn miscommunication into innovation.

• Analysis of Communication Infrastructure
• Communication Tools
• In-house Boot Camps

Talent Management
Talent Management

Talent management is just another one of those pesky Human Resources terms, right? Wrong. Talent management is an organization’s commitment to recruit, retain and develop the most talented employees available on the job market. It comprises all work processes and systems related to recruiting, retaining and developing a superior workforce.

By working towards your business goals, well chosen, engaged, skilled and motivated employees will increase client satisfaction and business performance. Great talent management can doubtlessly be a true competitive advantage. We help you integrating the best approaches in your business strategy.

• Developing an Organizational Culture that supports Talent Management
• Alignment of all Human Resources Activities
• Assessment of Human Resources Information System

Personal Growth
Personal Growth

Why would you invest in personal growth of your employees? Can’t they do this in their leisure time? There is plenty of evidence for a strong parallel between personal and company growth. We are convinced that well-chosen programs are money well invested and that it is great for everyone to work with healthy and satisfied colleagues!

But what can you do? Encourage employees to start office-based clubs focused on interests such as sports, crafts or reading? Designate a quiet room where workers can take a break and quiet their minds? Or even offering free biometric screenings and health risk appraisals? Confide your employee’s growth in the right hands.

• Assessment of Personal Growth Activities
• Implementing of Tools to Accelerate Personal Growth
• Individual Mentoring of Key Employees

Talent Development
Talent Development

Our schools and universities are not supplying enough suitably qualified workers for the more and more technological environment we work in. The resulting lack of skillful workers challenges companies to fill key positions. It is therefore more important than ever to develop and train your own employees. Furthermore, talent development is consistently cited by employees as critical to their level of engagement and a key reason why they change jobs.

There is a whole bunch of things you can do: Implementing a well-structured onboarding process, creating joint goals and scorecards, providing an individual mentor, offer trainings, implement a perennial mutual feedback process and provide career opportunities. We will help you maximizing your investment in your workforce.

• Assessment of Talent Development Activities
• Conception of Integrated Development Program
• Conducting of Selected Training and Coaching


Excite potential customers and constantly improve user experience. Ensure that the content provided is well-structured and, most importantly, informative. The aim is to have a product which is simple and intuitive to use. Overhaul your brand, have a killer app design or simply create images that will speak a thousand words.

The basis of a great design is laid by us by analyzing product and target audience. Our UX design will then translate the story of your product into a vivid encounter for the customer as well as incorporate your brand image to create further recognition value.

• Create design templates
• Build app prototypes, landing pages (and web applications)
• Develop visual identity

Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing

Focus on social media like Facebook or Google, specialize in e-mail marketing or improve online user experience – The list of marketing decisions is long. Where do you start if you want to develop a digital marketing strategy? We don’t think it needs to be a huge report. A strong strategy can be summarized on two or three pages in a table linking digital actions to smart objectives. Despite this, many organizations don’t even have a compact, clearly defined strategy.

Customer Journey Mapping and identifying the right digital channels are only a few of many methods helping you to find the right strategy. We will guide you to develop a plan of actions to achieve your online marketing goals.

• Assessment Marketing Activities
• Customer Journey Mapping
• Development of Digital Marketing Strategy
• Marketing-Effectiveness-Analysis

Exponential Technologies
Exponential Technologies

What do often talked about technologies like 3D-prining or AI really mean for your business? They are rapidly changing the way companies build new products, operate and offer services. The potential impact can’t be emphasized enough. It’s time to consider that these technologies are changing your industry not in a couple of years’ time but now!

In order to make use of exponential technologies it is necessary to understand the full range of potential it can bring to you. In our workshop we will showcase how these technologies can be used to innovate your products. Together we define the most fitting areas of utilization. In addition, we offer a cost-effectiveness analysis demonstrating possible scenarios.

• Meet-The-Expert
• Product Workshop
• Identify Possible Fields of Application
• Cost-Effectiveness-Analysis

Big Data
Big Data

Through the means of new technologies we are able to collect an ocean of data. However, without the right tools it is nearly impossible to source the most relevant information. Yet this data is needed to understand the marketplace and gain invaluable insights into your customer. These are the key factors in driving your growth, innovation & competitive advantage. Only by understanding your data will you be able to make decisions that have an impact.

So how can you handle all this data? By providing you with our lean four step plan you will be able to get the insights you need. Our models and best practices will enable you to identify new potential for data collection and to filter the information efficiently.

• Identification of Potential Opportunities
• Extension of Database
• Tools and Models for Data Analysis
• Data Analytics Training


Your growth has been stagnating for some time and you don’t know what to do? Building a business is one thing, expanding a completely different one. We scale up your business with a proven approach. Based on our experience the three main barriers for growth are unfulfilled leadership potentials, inappropriate structures to handle complex communication and decision making and an ineffective marketing to win and retain new customers and talents.

We help you overcome these obstacles by reducing the time spent by your leadership team with operative management, shifting its focus to market-oriented tasks and align your workforce to realization and results.

• Identifying barriers of growth
• Developing scaling strategy
• Guiding through scaling process

Digital Strategy & Corporate Lifecycle
Digital Strategy & Corporate Lifecycle

Our world is going digital, no doubt. What’s your strategy about it? How will you implement existing technology into your current business activity and how will you open up to new digital capabilities such as new data analytics methods? Your strategy should define which technologies to invest in.

However there is one thing you shouldn’t confuse: Digital Strategy is not IT Strategy. We help you to prepare and articulate your digital strategy for a new future. But have in mind, you can’t go digital from one day to another. From digital readiness analysis to planning the transforming activity, our tools and methods will assist you in finding the right strategy.

• Digital Readiness Analysis
• Development of Digital Strategy
• Implementation/ Introduction

Business Model Disruption
Business Model Disruption

Start Ups using technologies in innovative ways are disrupting whole industries. Industrial borders become blurred or even disappear. Countless traditional businesses are already history due to their inflexibility. Will your business model be the next one being destructed?

It is essential to constantly challenge and rethink your business model in order to stay ahead of the game. We deploy small, senior teams of expert advisors to teach our approach and tools. We do the work not for you, we do it with you.

• Market and Business Model Analysis
• Adjustment and Development of Business Model (B2B and B2C)
• Guiding Transformation Process

Product Innovation
Product Innovation

Consumers have access to a wide range of similar products and services. Sticking out is as hard as never before. Only organizations constantly innovating themselves will survive the competition over customers. Product innovation can only be created with the right design processes and mind set of your team.

Innovation is rarely the outcome of one genius moment, but the result of a structured process. However, many companies don’t have one. Do you know how to organize your innovation system or have you already included methods like Design Thinking? Our coaches will inspire your staff with new tools and methods and help you to implement a clearly defined innovation process.

• Ideation
• Rapid Prototyping
• Proof of Concept
• Implementation and launch of product


We partner with our clients in a very individual relationship to disrupt industries. Being serial entrepreneurs and digital experts, we enable you to master both the digital and the cultural transformation needed to stay ahead of your competition.

Disruption Days


November | Berlin


Dr. Jay Ferraro coaching the „Unleash the Leader Within“ program

Wow! You took us from a ‘committee’ to a ‘high performing team’ in 3 days…The results we achieved with your team surpassed my expectations. We were gridlocked around mission critical issues and again thank you so much for a great two days! I feel like we made solid progress and you were largely responsible for that. We’re lucky to have you on our side and I’m looking forward to seeing you again soon.

James Pitaro / Chairman, Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media

Kaiser Permanente
Dr. Jay Ferraro unleashing the leader within

I am one of your biggest fans! When I assumed the position as chief executive at Kaiser Permanente there was no team but a ‘commitee’ of loosely associated silos. Between your expert coaching and the many fierce dialogues you guided us into a truly high performing team of fully aligned senior executives. We are delivering results which haven’t been possible before our work with you and we can’t thank you enough for the contribution to those outcomes. I tell every leader I can about your program in hopes they too can benefit from this breakthrough that stands apart from anything we’ve ever done at Kaiser Permanente.

Donna Lynne / President & CEO, Kaiser Permanente Corporation

Sascha Grumbach disrupting the Australian real estate market

Together with a great team of Argopreneurs we developed a new product to disrupt the Australian real estate market, bringing an even higher value to our clients in every project. Thank you for the great entrepreneurial spirit you brought to this collaboration. I never expected any consultant to run a project with this kind of engagement and farsightedness as you guys did.

Nathan King / Managing Director kingprop

Dr. Jay Ferraro coaching the „Unleash the Leader Within“ program

Hands-down the best leadership course I’ve ever attended. I learned that I am good at honesty, transparency, and delegating. I need work on active, personal listening; becoming more fully engaged; and trying to rid myself of the 4 horsemen and to bring constructive alternatives to the table for my group. I will use these tools to redesign the final elements of our clinical enterprise to make my section self-sustaining and to forge different relationships in the future.

Stephen P. Peters / MD, PhD, Thomas H. Davis Chair in Pulmonary Medicine, Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center


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